Who Are We?

Established in October 1996, Epiphany of Our Lord Mission Community is a group of Byzantine-Ruthenian Catholics of the Eparchy (or Diocese) of Passaic, New Jersey, living in and around upper Montgomery County, Maryland. This mission of Epiphany of Our Lord Church-Annandale serves the spiritual needs of approximately 30 families in the Gaithersburg, Rockville, and Germantown area, located along the I-270 Technology Corridor. Many of these individuals are descendants of second and third generation immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe who worshipped in an Eastern Christian, or Byzantine, style but within the fullness of the worldwide Catholic Church. We welcome all, regardless of ethnic background, to join us in prayer.


Divine Liturgy Schedule

Aug. 18            10:00 am   Mother of God School - 10th Sunday after Pentecost [Blessing of Flowers, Herbsand Medicines]
Aug. 25            10:00 am   Mother of God School - 11th Sunday after Pentecost
Sept. 1            10:00 am   Mother of God School - 12th Sunday after Pentecost
Sept. 8            10:00 am   Mother of God School - Sunday before the Exaltation of the Cross/Birth of the Theotokos